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 Uses of llamas

What do you do with a llama? ... This is probably the most asked question that we hear, but not the easiest one to answer because of the many uses of a llama.  Some of their uses are:

    I. Showing

    Halter Classes – The llama is judged on their conformation, soundness, and stability. 

    The classes are divided in categories of wool (ie. light, medium, and heavy wool).

llama showing









       B. Performance Classes – This class is divided up into four groups


        1. obstacle class – The llamas are judged with their handler on their ability to maneuver through a series of obstacles.


        2. public relation class – The llamas are judged with their handler on their ability to respond to different situations that they might encounter during public outings such as schools, parades, churches, hospitals, and nursing homes, etc.


        3. pack class – The llamas are judged with their handler as they go through a course, which simulates the conditions and obstacles actually encountered when, packing llamas on the trail.


        4. driving class – The llama and their handler are judged in the ease in which the llama pulls a cart.

      – Llamas have been used as guard animals since the early 1980's.  They have been found to be almost 100% effective in guarding sheep, goats, deer, and most other herd animals.

    II. Guarding

    III. Packing – Llama trekking and packing have become popular forms of recreation because of the llama's ability and instinct to pack, to forage through areas that may otherwise never be enjoyed by man.  Because of the llama's surefootedness, and dependability, the llamas have become the pack animal of choice over the mule by many outfitters and forest rangers.

    IV. Fiber (wool) – One of the most prized by-products of llamas is their fiber.  They can be shorn annually or bi-annually, depending upon the growth rate of the llama's fiber.  Hand spinners, knitters, weavers, and crafters all appreciate the softness and warmth of llama fiber.


    V. Therapy –The llama's docile and gentle nature make them non-threatening and safe even around small children.  Their intelligence, curiosity, and even temperament make them ideal to share with elderly persons, disabled persons, mentally challenged persons, and the blind.  The presence of the llama, the touch of their soft wool, and the sounds of their soft hum, bring smiles and joy to all!!

llama motorcycle costumellama packing






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