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Figment Ranch
17102 Mueschke
Cypress, Texas 77433


Ruby Herron

Robin H. Turell

Sean Price




Sean Price / The Llama Whisperer

email:  figranch@flash.net




A llama baby is called a cria. They are then referred to as a yearling when they are (1-2 years old)  


Our new crias for 2015 will begin being born soon.



We do have one unexpected late cria/baby that is from last year.


This is Buzz.  He was born on February 4, 2014.  He is 9 months old right now.

Here is his baby picture and a current picture.



Buzz is ready to go to a new home now.

His sire is Powerball's Copenhagen, a red suri, and his mother is Amby, a large white light wool.



Most babies need to stay with their mother until they are 5-6 months old  (depending on how they are eating hay and grain)

Our prices begin at $500.00


Babies may be held with a deposit.


If you give a baby llama (cria) for Christmas, you won't be able to take he/she home yet, but we will be available during Christmas to bring your special recipient out to give them a surprise! 



 Call us or email!

281-351-1820 or figranch@flash.net

































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