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Figment Ranch
17102 Mueschke
Cypress, Texas 77433


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Sean Price




Sean Price / The Llama Whisperer

email:  figranch@flash.net



Call us at 281-351-1820 or email, figranch@flash.net and get on the list!   


There are many things that a person must consider when they are thinking about getting a llama.Good grooming habits will help make a llama and owner have a long and enjoyable life together.

Grooming helps desensitize the llama to the human touch.While grooming you will be able to check for debris in the llama wool, check for any sign of lice or body infection, notice a puncture wound, check the llamas’ weight, and examine feet for abrasions, cracked pads, and split nails.

One of the first questions I am asked is if a llama can be brushed.The answer is yes!One of the best brushes for this is the “slicker brush” which can be purchased any feed or pet store.We do need to think about the comfort of animal first.If the llama is very matted, you will not want to pull out the tangles with a brush, ouch! ……. you will want to start with a professional llama groomer.

Shearing is gaining in popularity and right so.It is better for the health of the llama and offers a reasonable solution to the grooming dilemma when the llama is full of mats and debris.Wool that is less than 2-3 inches long will generally stay free of mats and can be completely groomed and washed without causing pain to the llama.

We shear for the health of the llama but also to reduce the risk of heat stress in a llama.

We use these general cuts.

llama barrel cut shearing



 Barrel Cut - call for pricing



llama Lion Cut shearing



  Lion Cut - call for pricing



llama Total Body Cut shearing



 Total Body Cut - call for pricing


Included in our grooming service we offer toenail clipping, worming and vaccinations.



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